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2001 Jeep Cherokee EVAP Leak Error Codes

Having a EVAP service code (CEL=check engine light) being thrown? Check the evap rubber hoses. Start with the middle hose on the evap canister located under the left side of the truck and just in front of the drivers side rear axle.

Codes that can be caused by this hose leak; PO442 (Medium Leak), PO455 (Large Leak) & PO456 (Small Leak)

Why check here first, the fuel line is over stretched in order to fit onto the nipple of the evap canister and it is going to fail. My split tubing is still soft and supple, it is just over stretched by the wrong size tubing being used by the manufacture. Also, you do not seem to be able to purchase just this part you have to buy the whole plastic fuel line assembly... typical American waste.


oh, and before you go off saying that line is old and dry, its not. Only about 1-2mm right along the inside edge from environmental exposure to the evap canister nipple. Wrong part, in wrong place is what this is. They should have used the correct evap line sizes to avoid such a horrible miss-match in size going from that small plastic tube to the huge evap canister nipple, or they could have changed the evap nipple size. Sure, it's a small issue at the end of the day... but makes lot's of $$$$$ for repair departments and is wasteful for all the evap parts that get replaced and dumped into landfills due to simple parts.
A part that if available should be under $10 from the dealer.  BTW, repairing with standard 3/8 fuel line and a stainless steel clamp will cost you under $2, you will spend more time and money going to the parts store then what it cost in parts.
Dealer $84/hr, Smoke Test $74, Complete Plastic Fuel Line Assy' $76, Labor 1.5-2hrs at least. So, say $275 to $300 for this repair alone... or $2



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